Tell Us Your Story

To commemorate 50 years of coeducation at Trinity College, Hartford Connecticut, Trinity’s Special Collections and Archives (The Watkinson Library) and the Educational Technology department have created Stories from The Summit, a portal for you to share your Trinity story.

On this website you can also watch interviews with the Women at The Summit steering committee members and, soon, recordings submitted through the portal by alumni, faculty, staff, and other Trinity community members. All of these stories will be preserved in the college Archives.

We hope you will share your story from the Summit and help us bring your college history to life.

Remembering Your Time at Trinity

The purpose of this portal is to gather stories from the Trinity community to preserve a history that otherwise might not be saved and able to be retold. We want to hear your funny stories, your favorite memories, anything that you remember about your time at Trinity. Here are some questions to prompt, inspire, or extract some of your memories. Do not feel bound or limited by these questions. They are merely posed to give you a sense of some topics you could address.

  • What was your first day like at Trinity?
  • What course or professor had the most significant impact on your growth?
  • What was most fun at Trinity?
  • What was your favorite place on campus?
  • How did your time at Trinity change you?
  • What was it like to be among the first women admitted to Trinity?

Upload Your Story

We welcome video, audio, text and photographs. How would you like to tell your story? The sections below provide tips and instructions for recording, compiling, and uploading your content.

If you already have your content ready to submit, please go directly to this form and upload your story.

Thank you for contributing to this important project!