Capturing Audio

Set the Stage

The best recording locations will be relatively quiet areas with little background noise. Find a spot where you can comfortably sit. If you have open windows, listen for a bit to make sure there isn’t any distracting sound coming from outside. Pay attention to areas with forced air ventilation, placing your phone or microphone where it won’t pick up noise from ductwork.

For iOS (iPhone) users

  1. Open the “Voice Memo” App. Hit the red “record” button when you are ready to record your story.  
  2. Hold the phone with the microphone close to your mouth while you speak to get the best quality sound.  
  3. When you are done with your story press “stop.” 
  4. Press the three- dot symbol on your recording and select “Share.” Select “Save to Files.” This should allow you to save the recording to your iCloud account. 
  5. Navigate to the upload form page* on your phone’s browser.
  6. After filling out the form, select “Choose file” and then attach your recording.  

For iOS (iPhone) users without an iCloud subscription

  1. Follow steps 1-3 of the above directions.  
  2. Press the three-dot symbol on your recording and select “Share.” Select “Mail” and email the file to yourself. Save the file to your desktop, and then open the upload form page* on your browser.
  3. Select the file and upload it to complete your submission.

For Android users (e.g. Samsung, Google, Nokia, LG): 

  1. Browse to the upload form page.*
  2. Fill out the form and click on the “Choose file” button. This will let you select an available application to record a video. Pick the application you would like to use for recording. (We recommend using the Camera app.) 
  3. To record audio only, cover the camera lens so no images are saved. (Make sure you’re microphone is still clear.) 
  4. Select the video option (the video camera on the bottom right of the window) and recording will start.  
  5. Tell us your story. 
  6. Hit the “stop” button when you’re finished, and click the checkmark button labeled “I agree” to submit. You will see the name of your new video file next to the “Choose file” button. 
  7. Make sure you’ve indicated that you agree to the use of your file at the bottom, and click “Upload Submission.” 

* If you are from outside the Trinity community and do not have a current login, please email your materials to Christina Bleyer