Effects of using Mimosa Hostilis

The plant looks pretty similar to a shrub or a tree. It grows up to an average height of eight meters and can be identified by its shiny green compound leaves. Mimosa hostilis has white flowers which have a wonderful fragrance and looks similar to a fern. Do you know why Mimosa Hostilis is a famous plant? Its root bark is the reason behind it.  

Effects of using Mimosa hostilis

Physical Effects
There are 2 big physical effects of this plant that are simulation and sedation. Sedation and stimulation depend upon dosage and production. For perfect circumstances, the physical effects aim at stimulating and relaxing the body.

Some individuals have found Mimosa Hostilis to be pretty purging. It might cause vomiting and diarrhea, mainly if you are new to this plant. The physical effect of this plant is also beneficial for your mind and body.

Cognitive effects
The analytical privileges of this plant are very alluring. With its dosage, users feel fresh, active, energetic and clear-headed.  Its cognitive effect is higher than the LSD effect.

Its effects affect different users differently.  For some users, it works as a real stimulator and better their understanding of spirituality. The effects come with a strong feeling of mental admiration and peace.

After effects of Mimosa Hostilis
The use of Mimosa Hostilis is dose-specific. It’s after effect are dependent on the user’s daily intake. We know that it is liable for relaxing the body physically.

The period of this effect has lasts up to eight hours. Also, the aftereffect of this plant can make a sense of transparent and mindfulness dreams.

Side effects of Mimosa hostilis
There are some bad effects of Mimosa Hostilis which are experienced by the new users and then vanishes with time. Some big bad effects of using Mimosa Hostilis are vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and dizziness. It also raises the level of anxiety and stress.

Dosage of Mimosa Hostilis
It has been found that Mimosa Hostilis can be used up to five to ten grams. In case the user follow Syrian rue, then 1 gram is sufficient. If you do not view any right effects on your body you can increase the quantity of MAOIs but taking the full dosage is not verified. Make a note if the dosage rises over twenty grams then it is a very strong and should not be used in such quantity.

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