A tory (also known as Loyalist) is “a member or supporter of a major British political group of the 18th and early 19th centuries favoring at first the Stuarts and later royal authority and the established church and seeking to preserve the traditional political structure and defeat parliamentary reform”

Prisoners’ List


Total of Twenty-One Individuals 

Four Individuals that Committed Multiple Crimes Who Are Not Included Within the Data

Nativity of Individuals Incarcerated for Being a Loyalist:

A majority of those convicted for being a tory were from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New Milford.

Sentence Times of Individuals Incarcerated for Being a Loyalist:

The majority of incarcerated individuals who were incarcerated for being a tory, or joining the enemy, serve a sentence until one pleads indictment.

Race and Number of Incarcerated Individuals for Being a Loyalist: 

A majority of the tories’ races are missing from documentation, but the one tory identified was Black.