*Note: The reports detailing inventory and prison demographic counts have been excluded to more clearly focus on the chronological progression of New-Gate and the narrative relationship between the Overseers and prisoners.

·  Three delinquents were committed to New-Gate Prison from Windham and two others from New London County in January after a recent escape.

·  Prisoners have escaped the prison due to the assistance of external individuals before the necessary security measures could be completed.

·  The escape was possible due to the help of external individuals and occurred before the necessary security measures could be fully implemented.

·  The overseers immediately started making the necessary measures to improve security, including the construction of a strong log house divided into two rooms.

·  The overseers have also secured the East Shaft (the site of an initial escape) and other potential escape routes.

·  They believe the prison is now well-secured and ready to receive and employ future offenders.