·  Examination: The Committee was appointed by the Honorable General Assembly to examine New-Gate prison and consider the recommended alterations from the Overseers’ report. The Committee visited and carefully inspected the prison, finding it in good condition and well-managed considering the current arrangements and prisoner confinement. However, the Committee expresses concern about the cramped and unsanitary underground cabins where prisoners are overcrowded and forced to spend nights.

·  Expenses/Manufacturing Inefficiencies: The expenses for the past four years amount to $42,027.74, which is $1,500 more than necessary to support the current number of prisoners. The losses in the nail manufacturing business at the prison stem largely from the prisoners’ inexperience and wastefulness. In the last ten years, 92523 pounds of nail rods were purchased for the prison, but only 15619.24 pounds of nails were made, resulting in a loss of about 46%.

·  The committee recommends a radical change in the system and employment of prisoners, acknowledging the challenges involved but emphasizing the importance of addressing the issue. Despite limited time, the committee suggests that solitary confinement, allowing prisoners to engage in active labor, providing proper lodging, and preventing improper communication can be key elements of an effective system. The committee recommends gradually changing the prisoners’ employment from nail making to other low-cost alternatives, such as shoemaking and basket weaving.

·  The Committee also believes that certain offenders may experience remorse and potential for reformation, but the harsh conditions and association with incorrigible inmates hinder their progress. It is recommended that a plan be implemented to separate the “young” and “least depraved” convicts from the most “corrupt” offenders.