Illicit Trade is “any commercial practice or transaction related to the production, acquisition, sale, purchase, shipment, movement, transfer, receipt, possession or distribution of any illicit product defined as such by international law, or any licit product for non-licit purposes as defined by international law”

Prisoners’ List


Total of Nine Individuals

Two Individuals that Committed Multiple Crimes Who Are Not Included Within the Data

Nativity of Individuals Incarcerated for Illicit Trade:

A majority of those convicted for forgery were from New Haven, CT.

Sentence Times of Individuals Incarcerated for Illicit Trade:

The majority of incarcerated individuals who commit the crime of illicit trade serve a one year and three month sentence.

Race and Number of Incarcerated Individuals for Illicit Trade:

Almost all of the incarcerated individuals at New-Gate for the crime of illicit trade did not have a race documented, except for one individual who was documented as White.