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Audio Assignment Inspiration

Audio Fiction 

  • How to make an audio drama: a conversation with creators Lauren Shippen & Marc Sollinger: “Do the thing and follow your heart and hope for the best.” by Bello Collective (Bello Collective
  • “How to Become an Audio Drama Pro in Just 60 Easy Steps!: Or, how to keep making art when everything keeps falling apart” by Regan Adler (Bello Collective

Audio Hosting:

  • “Your RSS Feed: What it is, Why You Need It and How to Use it” by Georgia Grey (Spreaker
  • “Who’s the best podcast host — how to choose” by James Cridland (podnews
  • A list of podcast hosting options (continually updated) (podnews)

Audio Tours 

On Copyright/Licensing:  

  • “Why Can’t Music Be Played In Podcasts?” by Steven Goldstein (Amplifi Media
  • “Are Transformative Fair Use Principles Foul To Musicians?” by Marc D. Ostrow (New Music USA

Editing and Mixing:

Making an Outline:


Podcasting and Peer Review

Sound Archives:

Sound Design: 


  • The Dan Harmon Story Circle (reedsy)
  • Scott Myers. The Periodic Table of Storytelling. Blcklst. 2014
  • Understanding Story Structure in 4 Drawings. NPR Training 2016.  

Teaching with Podcasting

On using music:  

Writing for Audio

Bradley Campbell. Barf Draft with an iPhone. Transom. 2015