Concept Research Guide

To select the style and scope of your podcast, it can be helpful to both explore what work already exists on your topic and think about what styles appeal to you.

Here is a sample of podcast styles:

Here are some exercises to explore what style might be right for your project:

Environmental Scan:

  • Consider your own preferences. Consider the podcasts you listen to and enjoy. What do you like and why do you like it?  
    • For example, you may like shows with rich sound design, shows that feature experts with interviews, or archival sound.  
  • Find shows in your field. What podcasts cover similar subjects? Doing a scan for comparable shows will help you identify areas for innovation and styles that may be common in approaching your topic.  

Content Inventory:

  • Make a list of all the content you have or will have for your podcast.  
  • For example: 
    • do you have archival audio to use in your project?
    • Are there experts you could interview?
    • Will you be inviting a fellow scholar in your field to talk about issues in your profession? This could also help you land on the right style for your work.