Develop a Concept

As you develop your concept, you’ll want to consider some key considerations: 

  • How much time can you invest in this project?  
    • This could help shape your production schedule.  
    • Will your show produce new episodes weekly? Bi-weekly? Will you create a series of episodes to release as a season?  
  • Consider your audience.  
    • Who will this show serve? What are their needs?  
  • Should this be a podcast?  
    • Great digital projects match the medium to the message. What about your project would benefit from an audio or video podcast?  

Content Development Exercise:

Pretend you’re introducing the first episode of your show. What tagline or phrase would you use to orient listeners to what your show is all about? Here is a template to use as you play with your concept: 

Welcome to [title], this is the show where we talk about [subject] 

Here are some taglines used by popular nonfiction narrative shows: 

“Articles of Interest, a show about what we wear” 

Making from WBEZ Chicago “explores how an icon is made” 

Continue your concept development with an environmental scan and content inventory.