General Guides (Books + Websites)


Jessica Abel. Out on the wire: the storytelling secrets of the new masters of radio (2015)

Jonathan Kern. Sound reporting: the NPR guide to audio journalism to production (2008)

Kristen Meinzer. So you want to start a podcast: finding your voice, telling your story, and building a community that will listen (2019)

Eric Nuzum. Make noise: a creator’s guide to podcasting and great audio storytelling (2019)

Glen Weldon. NPR’s podcast start up guide: create, launch, and grow a podcast on any budget (2021)

Websites (General Guides)

Misha Euceph. How to Make a Podcast. (2022)

Alex Kapelman. A Ridiculous Amount of Podcast Resources. Medium. (2018)

Ashley Maynor. Podcasting 101 (2017)

Websites (Training Resources)

These sites collect great articles, tutorials, and other resources for podcasters:

Make Radio (This American Life)

NPR Training | Sources

Radio Diaries DIY Handbook (2017)


Podcasting News


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