Mapping an Episode

Try this activity when you’re developing a podcast episode or concept:

Take an episode of a podcast similar in style, subject, or tone to the one you’d like to create.

  • Map the story
    • how does the story unfold?
    • Is there a beginning, middle, or end?
    • Does it have a non-linear structure? Map the key story moments and pivots.  
  • Make a list of all the sound elements in the story:  
    • Introduction,  
    • Transitions 
    • Actualities (The voices in a story that are not the reporter’s/narrator’s, sometimes called “sound bytes”) 
    • Narration 
    • Ambiance  
    • Music 
  • Connect the sound elements to the story map.
    • What does this tell you about style elements or story structure choices you’re drawn to and may want to emulate?