Sound Design

Sound Design is “is the craft of creating an overall sonic palette for a piece of art, especially media like film, TV shows, live theater, commercials, and podcasts.” (Descript) This may include voice-over, ambiance, foley sounds, audio effects, music, and the use of silence. 

Transom has an excellent collection of sound design for beginners.

In an interview, sound designer Jonathan Mitchell offered some great reflective questions on incorporating sound design into audio work:

  • What point of view do you want your story to convey, and how can that best be expressed through sound? 
  • How do you want your listener to feel, and how can sound support that? 
  • Does your story call for an “objective/literal” approach to sound effects? Or would it be better served by using a more “subjective/interpretive” approach? 
  • Is location important, and if so how will that be conveyed? 
  • What about time — how can sound be used to expand or contract your listener’s perception of time?”

Source: Jonathan Mitchell, 2018 (Transom)


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