Storytelling Resources

These resources will help you find and outline your story. This process will help you identify what content you have and what content you need to gather or create to produce your podcast.  

Finding Your Story

Here are some simple tips to develop the story you will present in your podcast:

Think about Structure 

Write by Cutting 

Highlight clips you think are significant and export them to your desktop. Collect these clips in a folder that you can selectively drag into a new session and use to “write” your piece.  

Your phone is your friend 

Use the voice memo app on your phone to talk through the main points of your story. This will help you practice sounding “natural” when you record narrative. Read more about this approach here. (Transom)

Once you have a sense of your story, it’s time to make an outline.

Further Resources:

The Dan Harmon Story Circle (reedsy)

Scott Myers. The Periodic Table of Storytelling. Blcklst. 2014

Understanding Story Structure in 4 Drawings. NPR Training 2016.