Artist’s Statement

Places evoke sensations, feelings about the weather, the history, the smell, and memory. After four years of studying the Arabic language and Middle Eastern culture and art, I have found a love for the diverse layers, geometry, and pattern-work when representing people or places. Historically, Islamic artists were restricted to depicting these things symbolically, through shape and form. In this work, I have merged my appreciation for Middle Eastern art to unveil references of various destinations that are in each layer and step of the process. This imagery is personally symbolic. From the San Juan Islands to street in Dublin, Ireland, my project depicts “place” in its simplest form. Through shapes and patterns I hope to convey emotions that are evoked by the sensory experience of meaningful places to me.


Thank you and enjoy


Place in Pieces


Isabel Sanchez, a Seattle native, made the leap to the East Coast on her own four years ago to attend Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. Since then, she has lived in New York City and Amsterdam, conquering the world and discovering new cultures. Her biggest passions are painting, Arabic, and traveling which this project beautifully ties together. A Mexican-American who holds a lot of value in her heritage and family, Isabel is the youngest of seven siblings and a first-generation college student. She will graduate this May as a Psychology major and Studio Arts minor but was able to complete a thesis alongside the majors in the department. This is her first public show. 

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