The Primus Story

Desiree Primus has been extensively researching the legacy of her father, Clifford Primus, a Congressional Gold Medal Recipient and a Montford Point Marine. The research that Desiree has accumulated throughout the decades can be found on her blog

Courtesy of Desiree Primus

Her blog tracks her research and personal discoveries as time progresses until today. This site is dedicated to Clifford Primus through interviews with family members, friends, and fellow veterans. Clifford Primus was born on May 23, 1923, and served in the 51st Defense Battalion known as the Montford Point Marines. He lived in Windsor, Connecticut for more than 60 years and worked as a defense contractor in Stanadyne for around 34 years, and passed away on July 18th, 2019. We ask that you carefully listen to the interviews and actually get to know who Clifford Primus truly was and the impact he has made on his country, and most importantly, the Primus Family.